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We tend to write about things that excite us. Sure, we offer a full spectrum of normal "products" that will work perfectly well to improve your health and fitness. But we want to write about new and exciting things that you don't hear about all the time! Here is what excites us at the moment.

Yoga: There seems to be two types of people, those that do yoga and those that wish they did yoga. Which one are you? Yoga has a laundry list of health benefits that include increased flexibility, strength, and dexterity. Yoga also has the amazing ability to make your life feel more centered. It's one of the main reasons people turn to yoga in the first place. Many first time yoga'ers report feeling more energetic and generally calmer and happier than ever before.

There are many types of yoga but one that many people are turning to is bikram yoga. Bikram is a type of hot yoga that is performed for 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees! We highly recommend the hot yoga towel if you are going to attempt any type of hot yoga. Another great yoga product to consider for any type of yoga, especially if practicing yoga at home, is the premium yoga mat.

One of the more exciting products we have started using in the last couple months is the foam roller. It's an absolute must for any runner, walker, or athlete of any kind. The foam roller will almost certainly add months if not years onto your athletic career, and will make you feel a ton better. Use it as much as you can, when you wake up, before exercise, after exercise, and before you to bed. You won't believe the difference. The foam roller comes highly recommended!

We have been holding off on talking about weight loss because yoga (and other exercise) excites us even more. But we know many people are looking for that little extra boost. We do have some recommendations, but remember there is no substitute for eating healthy and exercising. We like a product called downsize. Downsize is a natural fat burner that uses ingredients like guarana and green tea extract to help boost your metabolism. Downsize can definitely assist in losing more weight.

So by this time you are doing yoga, eating healthy and feeling good right? Now it's time to keep you looking good. Dr. Schwab is the best at that! G.S. Ginkgosome is the ultimate anti aging product, it keeps you looking younger by reducing wrinkles and lines. Need a toner and moisturizer? Look no further than Dr. Schwab's Herbal Toner and Sensitive Moisturizer. We have just added many new products to the Dr. Schwab line, check it out today to keep your skin looking young!

Those are just a few products that we are very excited about at AmericasNutrition.com. Remember, all of our reviews our 100% genuine customer reviews so use them as a guide to help you pick the best product for you. And don't forget, our amazing customer service team is available from 10-3 Monday through Friday and would love to talk to you! Just call 1-800-270-9593. Good luck with your health, fitness, and beauty goals for 2017!