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357 Destim Magnum Bullet by DNE

by DNE · #AN10368 ·
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Need a pick-me-up that’s fast-acting and effective? The 357 Destim Magnum Bullet by D&E Pharmaceuticals is just the thing to promote mental alertness.

It’s packed with 200 mg of caffeine to help when you need it:
•    To increase energy levels
•    To promote mental alertness
•    To reduce exhaustion
•    To maximize workout performance

One little pink and white tablet packs a potent punch of energy! Take one when you need to stay awake during marathon study sessions or late-night work, or when you want to improve your workout performance. The caffeine in this supplement helps increase blood flow to the brain, muscles and lungs, making you feel more awake and alert. Muscle fibers respond better, resulting in better workouts, and brain function is heightened.

If you need a boost, one 375 Destim Magnum Bullet tablet will deliver the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee. The recommended dosage to improve your energy level is one pill every three to four hours. They’re compact and easy to swallow, and convenient enough to take anywhere you need a quick lift!  Whether you’re working or playing, you’ll notice an increase of energy that will help take you to the finish line.

Everyone feels fatigue at one time or another, with the 375 Destim Magnum Bullet, exhaustion will be a thing of the past. It will raise your energy level without the usual side effects you might find in other stimulants. You’ll feel better and perform better! Get a bottle today and start feeling more alert now.

Staff Notes: 357 Destim Magnum Bullet contains 200 mg of caffeine to help increase energy levels, promote mental alertness, reduce exhaustion and maximize workout performance. Caffeine increases blood flow to the brain, muscles and lungs, for increased mental sharpness and physical stamina.

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