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5-Pocket Mat Bag by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN11117 ·
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Discover ease in lugging around your yoga mat with the use of 5-Pocket Mat Bag by Zenzation Athletics. The 5-Pocket Mat Bag can help you get through your day without having a hard time balancing all the things you need.

Aside from having 5 pockets that you can make full use of, 5-Pocket Mat Bag also has the following features:
•    Durability
•    Great for carrying your yoga mat
•    Has a padded adjustable shoulder strap
•    Exterior shell is made out of polyester
•    Interior is lined with PVC
•    It is resistant to mold
•    It can be hand washed
•    It is great for carrying your important workout essentials
•    It comes in lavender, Tahiti blue, and green

Truly, the 5-Pocket Mat Bag is handy for you especially if you are one of those busy people who have a lot of things to carry around. Moreover, the five pockets can be used for storing your cellphone, extra clothing, water or energy drinks, extra cash, and possibly a kit of sorts for the ladies. You can even carry around your documents inside one of the pockets. With all of the pockets, you can take all the important things you need to have with you without compromising your exercise time. Since there are many colors to choose from, you have the liberty of choosing your favorite color or the one you think suits your lifestyle the best.

You no longer have any reason to skip out on your exercises as you can always grab a couple of minutes in between work schedules to do your exercises. Plus, with 5-Pocket Mat Bag’s appearance, nobody will notice that you are carrying a mat around.

Buy 5-Pocket Mat Bag now and start obtaining the balance between fitness and work that you need!

Staff notes: 5-Pocket Mat Bag is handy for both students and employees alike. It is spacious and allows you to carry everything necessary for your workouts in one simple bag.

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