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Valeo Ab Straps by Valeo

by Valeo · #AN10115 ·
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What is the one part of your body that is the most difficult to get into the shape your want it? The one muscle group that needs the most work, but is the most frustrating to get results from? That’s right, you’re abs. there are hundreds of abdominal workouts out there, but sometimes the simplest one is the best. Valeo has manufactured some of the strongest workout equipment and supports on the market and their Ab Straps are at the top.

Ab Straps are used to perform leg lift exercises to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles to get that “six pack” look you’ve always wanted. The benefit of doing this form of abdominal exercise is that you can limit injury as opposed to traditional sit-ups that can hurt your back. The Valeo Ab Straps are built using durable, heavy duty woven nylon with super strong steel grommets for hours of use.

• Heavy Duty construction
• Padded straps
• Washable
• Great abdominal workout

The pair of Valeo Ab Straps are designed to provide the comfort and security that you need to get the most out of your abdominal workout. The heavy duty steel carabiner attachments and padded straps are a key part of making the Ab Straps the best, most simple piece of equipment you can have to build sexy, strong abdominal muscles.

If you are participating in a quality diet and exercise program and part of your physical exercise has been countless sit-ups and crunches, it’s time to throw your abdominals a curve by using Valeo Ab Straps. The Ab Straps construction is so strong and durable, you’ll be using them a lot, but don’t worry, they’re washable. Kick up your abdominal workout now, get Valeo Ab Straps today!

Staff Notes: Valeo Ab Straps are strong durable body weight exercise straps that are washable and are a great part of any abdominal workout. The heavy duty construction of the Ab Straps makes them able to withstand the toughest workouts.

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