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Anabolic Halo (2.4 lb) by Muscletech

by MuscleTech · #AN13529a ·
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Product Details

Nothing is more frustrating than working out and not seeing the results that you want to see. Do you wish to see all those muscles grow but seem to be stuck at Flabby and Thin Avenue? Anabolic Halo from Muscletech may just be the answer for you. Anabolic Halo is the revolutionary way of letting your muscles grow the way they are supposed to.

This muscle-building supplement from Muscletech focuses on six crucial points of muscle building:
•    Insulin manipulation for a richer anabolic environment
•    Anabolic transcription factor modulation to regulate insulin
•    Inhibition of catabolic machinery to eliminate the limitations on  the growth of your muscles
•    Greater free-testosterone utilization through increasing the number of androgen receptors in the muscle. This utilizes free testosterone which is the only usable form of testosterone that can provide you the pure muscle growth that you are desperately working to have
•    Satellite cell activation by a key ingredient present in Anabolic Halo.
•    Increased muscle fiber area for increased muscle growth and definition

This product is the result of three complimentary muscle building technologies that work seamlessly with each other to assist you in building larger, meaner muscles. These are the Subzero Cryogenic anabolic technology, lyophilization and the creation of a unique molecular structure by exposing a key ingredient in the product to liquid nitrogen at -150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main purpose of MuscleTech Anabolic Halo is to crush catabolism and propel you into the most intense state of muscle building that you have ever experienced. Other benefits that you can expect to see with this supplements, even just after a few servings aside from muscle gains are increased endurance, more muscle definition, and increased strength.

For the most powerful muscle-building experience, get your own supply of Anabolic Halo now!

Staff Notes: Anabolic Halo from MusclTech is designed to promote excellent muscle growth in a short amount of time.

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