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Doctor D. Schwab Herbal Serum Anti-Aging Alphasomes C-8

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10350 ·
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Help heal skin problems using a top quality beauty ointment - Doctor D. Schwab Herbal Serum Anti-Aging Alphasomes C-8 ™. A strong mix of natural herbal extracts and enzymes truly assist you in gaining that desired youthful skin. Many treatments for anti-aging or lessening wrinkles are made with harsh chemicals that can cause the skin to be rough and unhealthy. So, Dr. Schwab Herbal Serum is a milder yet still effective alternative. Because this beauty product is made with organic materials, it will not act harshly or damage your skin, but keep it healthy and glowing. You should treat your skin with the utmost care and strive to keep it both glowing and healthy by not using overly harsh cosmetic supplies.

The benefits of this anti-wrinkle treatment are countless and include:
•    Organic ingredients for gentle activity
•    Natural Herbal extracts and enzymes in formula
•    Decreasing wrinkles and mature skin
•    Emerging with youthful, smooth skin
•    Easy-to-use application bottle

First clean your skin fully before applying just a small amount of the Herbal Serum to the desired area. It is suggested to follow this application with a hydrating lotion, and also to exfoliate with Dr. Schwab Bamboo Cream Peeling or Ginkgo Gommage in between Herbal Serum treatments for the optimal results. You will be pleased at how fresh and silky your skin feels and looks after this potent yet natural formula. Doctor Schwab Herbal Serum Anti-Aging Alphasomes C-8 is the highest quality anti-wrinkle product that targets mature skin and transforms it into soft, velvety skin without unnecessary damage.

Take initiative today and buy this outstanding anti-aging skin product!


Cucumber Extract, Plankton Extract, Royal Jelly, Aloe Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate: soothe and calm skin, help to increase skin's moisture holding capacity

Grape Stem Cell Extract: helps protect against and reverse visible signs of aging

Alpha Copper Tripeptide-4: softens skin and helps promote skin elasticity

Staff Notes: Dr. Schwab Herbal Serum Anti-Aging Alphasomes C-8 is ideal for smoothing out mature skin and wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle beauty product contains natural ingredients such as herbal extracts and enzymes.

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