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Aqualin Original by Aqualin

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Your skin needs moisture to be healthy and to look its best. Aqualin Original cream by Micro Balanced provides you with a highly effective solution to dry skin.

It offers:
•    Essential moisture that hydrates your skin all day long.
•    An all over skin treatment. It can be used for your face, body, lips, scalp and nails.
•    Great anti-aging benefits. When used as a facial cream it prevents and softens fine lines.
•    Oil-free formula that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.
•    Ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Aqualin Original Cream has been used by satisfied customers for over twenty years. Its innovative formula supplies skin with essential moisture all day and night. Instead of using an oil-base, like most moisturizers, Aqualin Original contains water molecules suspended in a gel form. This water-based formula gives you two key advantages. It acts as a long-lasting moisturizer that won’t dissolve or evaporate so you can apply it in the morning and have silky smooth skin all day long. It also means you won’t clog your pores with oil, risking breakouts or blackheads.

Try Aqualin Original as protection for your skin when you go out into the cold or wind. The non-evaporating formula provides an effective barrier against the elements. Smooth it on sunburn or other minor burns. You will get soothing, hydrating relief for your damaged skin cells. Its benefits don’t stop there – use it as a cuticle cream, chapped lip treatment, or on dry scalp. Since it does not contain oil, you won’t have any greasiness or stickiness. Try Aqualin Original today and you will never change moisturizers again!

Staff notes: Aqualin Original Multi-use Cream (Aqualin Light, Aqualin Maximum) by Micro Balanced is a moisturizer and skin care treatment for face and body. It is an oil free formula that is suitable for all skin types.

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Janet S. from Tacoma, Washington says:
Date: 02/05/2015

I have used Aqualin for many years. It does not clog pores and is safe for sensitive skin. There are only two simple, natural ingredients. It keeps my skin looking moist and young at 61. People ask me what I use all the time. I wish the company still made the Light formula. Thank you for supplying it, as the stores no longer can get it. Highly recommended!!

REBECCA D. from SEDONA, Arizona says:
Date: 11/01/2012

I have been using this over 20 years. I have acne prone skin and use RetinA which is very drying to my skin, especially in winter. This is the only product that I have found that keeps my skin moisterized and that I can use under makeup. It is a bit heavy, so I go light during the day and only use it on problem spots and use lots at night. It is great for under your eyes and on lips too. It is all natural - only 2 ingredients and was the only thing I ever used on my baby's skin. I love it and have yet to find anything better.

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Micki B. from Halifax, says:

Date: 02/25/2011

I love this product(aqualin reg)It is the only product that doesn't cause outbreaks.It makes my skin moist and soft all day. Living in a northern climit can dry the skin and aqualin has solved that problem for me. It is worth every penny as it lasts much longer than other products I have tried.I have recommended aqualin to several friends and will continue to do so.I also use aqualin for medical tests where a lubricant is required ex. ultra sound. I am senitive to fragrance and petrolium based products so aqualin again comes to my rescue. Aqualin is and has been a part of my daily routine for several years.

Carmen A. from Middletown, says:

Date: 05/11/2010

I have combination skin so I need a moisturizer that will keep my skin in balance. I've tried a lot of moisturizers over the years and keep coming back to this one. It may seem expensive but you only need a very,very tiny amount so it is quite economical. In the summer i switch to the light version.