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Doctor D. Schwab Azulene Eye Make Up Remover

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10270 ·
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Product Details

When you use Doctor D. Schwab Azulene Eye Make Up Remover by CA Botana, you will be sure to add this skin care cosmetic as a basic in your beauty supply collection. This makeup remover is a gentle lotion with a chamomile base that both relaxes and revives the skin around your eyes. You will not have to deal with dry, itchy or irritated skin with this soothing organic product. It is important to take the right care of your face. Using the calming beauty lotion, which works for all skin types, the makeup will be thoroughly removed without damaging your skin.
Azulene Eye Make Up Remover will:
•    Rejuvenate skin around the eyes
•    Remove eye makeup effectively
•    Sooth and heal your skin with essence of orange and chamomile
•    Moisturize and repair skin
•    Dissolve makeup gently with organic extracts

The eye makeup remover uses a unique combination of natural vitamins, herbal extracts and special, energizing botanical components that will cleanse moisturize and calm your skin. It is not only gentle on your skin, but also on your eyelashes. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily yet comfortably the eye make up dissolves as you apply the silky lotion. Afterwards, your skin will not be rough or irritated, but revitalized. It will feel like a treat every day you incorporate Doctor D. Schwab Azulene Eye Make Up Remover by CA Botana into your daily beauty care routine.

Organic and soothing yet thorough, this skin care product is the ultimate addition to your beauty supplies. Buy this wonderful beauty cosmetic so that you can indulge in a luxurious experience in your home today!

Staff Notes: The Azulene Eye Make Up Remover by Doctor D. Schwab and by CA Botana is an organic cosmetic product made with chamomile and orange extracts. This beauty makeup product is thorough yet soothing.

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Stephanie E. from IL says:
Date: 03/25/2009

I love this product! I use it every night. It effectively removes my eye make-up without stinging or irritating my eyes. It also has a refreshing smell, which makes it that much better. :) It is a cheap and efficient way to take care of your skin.