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Blender Bottle by Blender Bottle

by Blender Bottle · #AN10670 ·
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Product Details

Nothing will ruin the taste of a healthy protein shake than concentrated lumps that won’t mix. The Blender Bottle will fix that with its revolutionary wire whisk construction.

The Blender Bottle comes complete with:
•    A wire whisking Blender Ball
•    Secure screw-on lid
•    Easy grip sides
•    A large drinking spout

Mixing a protein shake to get the perfect consistency is always a hassle and a chore. Even if you use the correct amount of formula, lumps can form causing drink inconsistency, which can cause the liquid portion of your shake to be too watery. What’s the point of living healthy if you can’t enjoy it? The Blender Bottle will bring a new satisfaction to any dietary shake supplement you use.

The Blender Bottle can hold any liquid you chose: water, milk, protein shakes or even smoothies. For any mixed drinks, just pour in the liquid of choice, then the mix, add the patented Blender Ball, and shake away to the perfect drink consistency. The secret is the revolutionary technology behind the Blender Ball. This simple stainless steel wire instrument provides extra stirring of any liquid formula, maximizing the energy used to mix your protein shake. Electropolished to a brilliant shine, the Blender Ball is guaranteed to last, bringing you years of protein shake enjoyment.

The Blender Bottle has been designed with the athletic individual in mind. Easy grip sides allow for increased handling for even the sweatiest palms. The large drinking spout and screw-on lid means that your drink will come out and stay in easier, minimizing any spilling you might encounter. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, use your bottle for any number of mixes, including pancake mix, scrambled eggs or even salad dressings!

A proper athlete needs the proper tools. Buy your Blender Bottle today!

Staff Notes: The Blender Bottle is a protein shake mixer with easy grip sides, a large drinking spout and a Blending Ball for easier drink whisking. Can be used as a normal drink bottle or to make a variety of mix formulas.

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Michael M. from Valparaiso, Indiana says:
Date: 02/01/2010

I bought the blender bottle (28oz) to mix up my 2:1:1 recovery protein drink. The blender bottle easily mixes up any powder drink you can throw at it. It doesn't leak and cleans up very easily, highly recommended!

Stephanie V from San Diego, CA says:
Date: 07/02/2009

Anyone who takes powder drinks has to buy one of these. They make any powder drink taste 10 times better than if you were to mix it with a spoon. It is an amazing difference. Get one and see for yourself. You will be happy you did!