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Body Odor Blocker by DNE

by DNE · #AN10305 ·
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Body odor can happen to anyone. With Body Odor Blocker by D&E Pharmaceuticals, you can stop this embarrassing problem once and for all. Unlike deodorants and antiperspirants that cover up the odor, Body Odor blocker treats the cause of the odor to stop it before it starts.

•    Formulated with chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll, which is a natural deodorizer
•    Kills the bacteria that causes body odor before it starts
•    Eliminates underarm, breath, feminine and foot odors
•    Fast-acting
•    All-natural

Instead of masking the smell with perfumes while your body continues to produce odors, go directly to the source with Body Odor Blocker. The active ingredient, chlorophyllin, acts fast to neutralize odors within the body before they happen. A natural blend of chlorophyllin and zinc work together to provide you with fast results.

A convenient pill once a day is all it takes to be odor-free within days! If you’ve tried messy deodorants that have done nothing but leave marks on your clothing, try Body Odor Blocker. There’s no sticky antiperspirants to apply, and no residue left behind. One simple pill a day and you’re on your way to being odor-free all day long. It’s not just for underarm odor. It will help neutralize all body odors, such as breath odors, feminine odors and foot odors. What deodorant can do that?

No one likes body odor. But for some, it’s a fact of life. Why not nip it in the bud with Body Odor Blocker before it gets a chance to start? Buy a bottle today and say goodbye to body odor!

Staff Notes: Body Odor Blocker by D&E Pharmaceuticals is a once-daily pill that will help neutralize body odors, including underarm, breath, feminine and foot odors. Chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll, works to eliminate odors before they start, by treating the bacteria that cause them.

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Robin B. from Hilliard, Ohio says:
Date: 02/24/2011

I am absolutely amazed how well this product works. I've struggled with underarm odor for years. I've tried dozens of deodorants, soaps, dietary changes, and home remedies. Nothing seemed to work for me. When I found Body Odor Blocker on your site I thought that I would give it a try. Within a few days, I noticed a major improvement. Now, I live my life free of embarrassing odor. I feel clean and confident everyday. It's worth every penny to feel good about yourself. Plus, America's Nutrition is a great site. Buying from them is simple, safe and they ship very quickly. Not only will I buy Body Odor Blocker again from this site, but I will buy more products from them in the future.