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Coral Complex 3 by Coral Inc.

by Coral Inc. · #AN10275 ·
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Achieve optimum health by giving your body all the minerals it needs with the natural dietary supplement, Coral Complex 2 by Coral Incorporated. The body needs a strong base of minerals in order to function at its healthiest. Many of us are missing the essential minerals needed that help such things as raising the pH of body fluids and tissues to a natural level-an alkaline pH. The body becomes more susceptible to disease if your body has a low level alkaline pH. Especially when people don’t eat organic food, their bodies simply aren’t receiving the proper level of nutrients and minerals they need to be completely healthy and vibrant.

Advantages of this organic health supplement are:
Organic ingredients
Convenient capsule form
74 natural coral minerals
Supplies body with complete minerals needed
Highly absorbable
Raises alkaline pH level

Coral minerals are created by small sea animals who ingest the ionic ocean minerals and secrete them into the coral form. What you find in these capsules is a super-fine powder ground from these coral minerals. There are 74 organic coral minerals – all harvested from above sea coral deposits so you can be sure they are organic and not contaminated by pollutants. This fine powder of 74 organic coral minerals is sterilized with ozone. The wonderful thing about supplying your body with organic minerals is that they are much more easily absorbed by our bodies. It is a much more natural process than using inorganic minerals. Coral Complex 2 by Coral Incorporated is a truly complete, organic health supplement that will give your body the minerals it needs.

Purchase this exceptional, natural health product today to get your body on the healthiest track possible!

Staff Notes: Coral Complex 2 by Coral Incorporated includes 74 organic coral minerals harvested from above sea coral deposits and made into a fine powder put into convenient capsules. This natural dietary supplement contains highly absorbable minerals that cover the full spectrum of what your body needs to be at its healthiest. 

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