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Creakic by MuscleTech

by MuscleTech · #AN13532 ·
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Product Details

For the ultimate in bodybuilding, nothing beats a creatine muscle-building supplement that has withstood the rigors of years of testing. Creakic by Muscletech is one such supplement, the end-product of many years of studies to solve the main problem that has plagued most creatine pills in the market today.

Creakic is designed for those who take bodybuilding seriously and is designed primarily to:
•    Induce rapid gains in muscle strength
•    Recharge creatine receptors in an instant by deactivating ROS ( reactive oxygen species)

The main difference between regular creatine pills and Creakic is that regular creatine pills are not able to inactivate ROS. This is one of the main problems of pills such as creatine ethyl ester. This inability leads to average or below-average results, not enough if you are a serious body-builder or weight-lifter.

This product is designed to solve the problem of ROS, which is a common dilemma faced by most creatine users. ROS is a little-known glitch in the body’s muscle-building process, highly-toxic molecules that can take the form of superoxide anions, singlet oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals, among others. The worst part is that the more you use those muscles in intense work-out sessions, the more your levels of ROS increase. This leads to a weakening of the muscular structure, posing serous risks of muscle integrity and limiting muscle growth. This is where Creakic comes in. it fights ROS so that you grow more muscle while preventing cell-membrane breakdown and eliminating the limitations to improved muscle gains.

So what are you waiting for? Experience an explosion in muscle gain while maintaining the natural strength and integrity of your muscles. Grab your supply of Creakic by Muscletech now!

Staff Notes: Creakic is an all new creatine product from MuscleTech that performs better than any other creatine supplement available to optimize bodybuilding efforts.

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