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The Deluxe Pilates Kit by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN12809 ·
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Product Details

The Deluxe Pilates Kit by Zenzation is perfect for the professional or beginner who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle and build a better body through pilates exercise. Pilates fitness not only improves the way your body looks and moves, but it is great for stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, and the development of good posture.

Benefits of the The Deluxe Pilates Kit by Zenzation:
•    Pilates kit is appropriate for all fitness levels
•    Features a non-slip pilates mat
•    Includes a pilates mat band and instructional pilates video
•    Comes with a gym bag to carry your pilates mat

Pilates fitness involves mind and body exercises that have evolved from the rehabilitation techniques developed by Joseph Pilates. Designed to train your muscle groups to move in smooth, continuous motion, pilates exercise is perfect for injury rehabilitation, for athletic performance improvement, and for good posture, stress relief, body toning and optimum health. The Zenzation Pilates Kit will help you transform your body so that you feel stronger without bulky muscles, look sleeker, and move more gracefully. 

Pilates fitness focuses on smooth, controlled motions and is designed to improve your flexibility and agility. By strengthening your core muscle groups and focusing on proper breathing and correctly aligning your pelvis and spine, pilates movements help strengthen your posture, alleviating back pain, and helping to reduce stress. Best of all, pilates exercise is so low-impact and gentle that people of all fitness levels can participate. Most pilates exercises are done on a mat in a sitting or reclining position, making the Deluxe Pilates Kit the only pilates equipment you will need to stay in shape in the comfort of your own home. 

See what pilates can do for your body and mind. Buy the Deluxe Pilates Kit by Zenzation today!

Staff Notes: The Deluxe Pilates Kit by Zenzation includes the pilates equipment necessary for total pilates fitness like a pilates mat and pilates video that assist in performing the pilates exercise developed by Joseph Pilates.

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