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Deluxe Yoga Kit By Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN10014 ·
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Our Deluxe Yoga Kit has everything you need to start reaping the many health benefits of practicing yoga. Hatha yoga is the best way to build strength, increase flexibility and balance, increase your peace of mind, and lose weight all at the same time. With our studio grade Deluxe Yoga Kit, you'll have everything you need to work out at home or the studio.

In the Deluxe Yoga Kit you'll get:
•  1 yoga mat
•  1 yoga strap
•  2 hard foam yoga blocks
•  1 carry bag

The practice of yoga has been developed and perfected over 5000 years. Unlike many other forms of exercise, it sooths the central nervous system instead of taxing it. When practicing yoga, while you are building strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, you are also reducing stress and developing a calmer disposition. Practicing yoga will make your entire day better, as you feel great mentally and physically.

Meditation has been proven in scientific studies to cause changes in the brains chemistry and activity that lead to feelings of happiness and a reduction of stress. But many of us do not have the time or patience to meditate daily. It's just one more thing we should be doing that we can't seem to find the time to. But what if you could meditate while you exercised? Because yoga requires such intense concentration on balance, posture, and breathing, your mind is meditating as you perform your routine. You will feel your mind developing a stronger connection with your muscles and joints, allowing you to reach new levels of fitness, and go through your day with more confidence, poise, and safety.

Because yoga exercises the mind and body in harmony, it allows practitioners to reach levels of well-being unequaled by any other activity. But maybe you already knew this, but were too intimidated to start. Don't make excuses any longer. There are yoga exercises to match every age and physical fitness level, and with the Deluxe Yoga Kit, you'll have the tools you need to modify difficult yoga poses, allowing you to start right now and progress at your own pace.

Stronger muscles and bones, a more peaceful mindset, more flexible and lubricated joints... The benefits of practicing yoga are almost endless. Buy Deluxe Yoga Kit to start enjoying these benefits today!

Staff Notes: The Deluxe Yoga Kit provides the proper yoga equipment to practice yoga as exercise, also known as Hatha yoga. Some yoga gear can also be used for Pilates.

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