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Democaine by Formulated Sciences

by Formulated Sciences · #AN10032 ·
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Product Details

Rid yourself of those pains and aches that fail to go away quickly. Democaine is a pain reliever that is provided on a roll-on type.

It is designed to give relief to suffering from discomforts such as:
• Arthritis-Bursitis
• Backache
• Knee pain
• Tendonitis
• Sports Injuries
• Tennis Elbow
• Sore Muscles
• Muscle Strains
• Stiff Neck

This is a new maximum strength formula that is expected to give a quick recovery to all areas of the body that are injured or painful. Tissues that are damaged or injured joints that need immediate attention can benefit from the application of Democaine. It contains panax ginseng, MSM, menthol and vitamin B5 that work together to sooth the skin. It is composed of other ingredients that give a quick analgesic effect on any affected area.

Pain relief can be found in many forms. However, in cases where there are stomach upsets that occur as side effects of certain medication, a formula that can work through the skin may be a better alternative. The formulation comes in a mess-free, roll-on container that offers stronger potency through its 100% natural ingredients. Immediate effect of this medication allows the blood to flow to damaged tissues and speed up the healing process. You do not have to experience the discomfort brought by injuries and aging because a skin-friendly application is available for you.

This medication is the solution to aches and painful joints. Buy one and experience the immediate relief of Democaine. This is even better than taking oral medications and cream applications. Try it to get instant alleviation of sore muscles and back pains.

Gain immediate pain relief quickly and effectively with Democaine by Formulated Sciences today!

Staff Notes: Democaine is a convenient and potent pain reliever that is economical to use. It is convenient to carry anywhere. It is a liquid pain treatment that can penetrate the skin and immediately treats muscle soreness.

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