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Dr. Christopher's Pancreas Formula by Dr. Christopher

by Christophers Original Formulas · #AN10561 ·
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If your pancreas isn’t functioning properly, your whole body suffers. This organ is critical in the digestive and endocrine system. It produces important digestive hormones and secretes pancreatic juices that assist in breaking down fats and proteins in the system. Dr. Christopher’s Pancreas Formula helps the pancreas perform efficiently to promote an overall feeling of good health.

This product performs a host of functions:
•    Supports digestive system
•    Balances blood sugar levels
•    Regulates insulin levels

One of the most important hormones the pancreas produces is insulin. Too little insulin in the body can lead to diabetes, and too much can also lead to diabetes or insulin resistance. This hormone is necessary to transport glucose where it’s needed throughout the body to make energy. If this process fails, glucose stays in the bloodstream, causing high blood sugar. This can lead to a variety of serious ailments, such as dehydration, seizures and stroke. Insulin is also necessary to maintain a healthy metabolism. An unbalanced metabolism can cause weight gain and unwelcome hormonal changes.

Help tone and support your pancreas with Dr. Christopher’s Pancreas Formula. It’s made with goldenseal to help stimulate the flow of bile, uva ursi to support kidney function, cayenne to encourage the flow of stomach secretions, and cedar berries to help regulate blood sugar. It provides an all-around boost to your endocrine and digestive system.

With regular use, you might even find that you can reduce your dependence on insulin. Do your body a favor and get some Pancreas Formula today.

Staff Notes: Dr. Christopher’s Pancreas Formula helps regulate insulin levels, support digestive system and balance blood sugar. Formulated with goldenseal to facilitate the flow of bile, uva ursi to support kidney function, cayenne to encourage the flow of stomach secretions and cedar berries to regulate blood sugar.

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