Dr. Schwab

Doctor D. Schwab by CA Botana offers the markets finest skin care products using only the freshest and purest in botanical ingredients. Doctor D. Schwab by CA Botana uses micro-emulsion technology, which means that more nutrients are delivered to the delicate skin that needs it most. A mixture of ingredients from both sea extracts and herbal sources means CA Botana is unlocking the power of nature for you, the consumer. The Doctor D. Schwab line offers powerful products like Alphasomes RC Rejuvenate and Correct, a natural face-firming alternative to Botox. CA Botana's Ambrosia Aromatherapy line contains botanical products that soothe dry skin and nasal passages. This great product line will be coming soon. Unlock all the potential for beauty that your face is hiding. Buy Doctor D. Schwab products today!