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FireBurn - Ephedra weight loss

by GE Pharma · #1000000080 ·
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Product Details

Nourish the inferno burning inside of your body with the powerful herbal formula of GE Pharma FireBurn! This natural energy supplement contains a tremendous 27 mg of ephedra, the organic extract that comes in first place every time at the gym.

Every serving of FireBurn from GE Pharma:
•  Boosts energy immediately
•  Surges thermogenic metabolism
•  Improves dieting tendencies
•  Amplifies workout benefits

Your metabolism is the one restricting factor that can prevent your body from experiencing premium gains in strength and muscle mass at the gym. If your body burns calories at a slower rate than those around you, it takes a lot more time and effort to get the same benefits that others reap without trying. In today’s atmosphere of better workout results through diligent nutrition, energy supplements can be found in every health store. But nurturing your body the whopping 27 mg per serving of ephedra found in GE Pharma FireBurn shows the entire world that you take exercise seriously.

This natural stimulant supplement from GE Pharma begins to work immediately upon application to speed up your body’s metabolism. Ephedra is a natural extract full of alkaloid substances called ephedrine. Ephedrine performs an energy boosting function similar to adrenaline as it dilates bronchial tubes for increased oxygen absorption to the bloodstream, stimulates the nervous system for better mental awareness and boosts heart rate for improved transmission of oxygen and other nutrients. Extracts of hoodia gordonii and citrus aurantium provide superior appetite suppression to make sure that you stop snacking on empty calories. Other natural stimulants, including guarana and caffeine anhydrous, make FireBurn the ultimate ignition system to light the fireworks inside of your body!

It’s time to find out how to make your workout truly ignite. Turn up the temperature now with GE Pharma FireBurn! Buy FireBurn today!

Staff Notes: GE Pharma FireBurn is an ephedra supplement that also contains evodiamine, sida cordifolia, citrus aurantium, white willow bark, yohimbe extract, caffeine anhydrous, guarana, yerba mate, hoodia gordonii, panax ginseng and green tea extract. This weight loss supplement boosts thermogenic metabolism, burns calories, promotes weight loss and curbs hunger.

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