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Get Ripped Super Caps with Ephedra by Accelerated Sport Nutraceu

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Product Details

Get Ripped with Ephedra by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals works by boosting your metabolism and then providing the vitamins necessary to ensure you're using fat and carbohydrates for energy. This combination of ingredients is unique in the ephedra product market, making Get Ripped one of a kind. With Get Ripped, Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals has created such a unique and powerful ephedra supplement that once you try it, you will never be satisfied with another ephedra diet pill.

Get Ripped will:
•    Reveal a shredded physique by burning fat and sparing muscle
•    Encourage your body to use fat stores for energy
•    Discourage the storing of carbohydrates as fat
•    Blast your energy through the roof
•    Boost your metabolism utilizing the power of thermogenics
Sida Cordifolia Extract has long been used in traditional Indian medicine for its stimulant properties. Only recently, however, has the traditional herb undergone scientific testing, revealing ephedra. Most supplements get their ephedra from mahuang, but you have never experienced the true thermogenic power of ephedra until you have tried Sida Cordifolia Extract. From the first use, you will immediately notice the mild warming sensation throughout your body, and a long-lasting boost of energy. The warming tells you that you are burning calories through thermogenics. By stoking your body's metabolic furnace,Get Ripped allows you to burn calories all day long as if you were exercising. Your fat will melt away as you go about your normal routine.

What also makes Get Ripped special is its strategic pairing of L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate. You bodybuilders who've spent countless hours in the gym building muscle want to pay special attention to this. This combination ensures that your body's new heightened metabolism chooses fat and carbs as its energy source, sparing your hard-earned muscle. Your body doesn't want you to carry extra muscle. If it did, you wouldn't spend hours in the gym to add five pounds to a lift. More muscle means more required calories, so in times of calorie deprivation, muscles are your body's energy source of choice. That's why it's so hard to stay lean and maintain your physique.

L-Carnitine, which is required in the transport of fatty acids, encourages your body to choose fat as an energy source, meaning you keep your muscle while loosing the last bit of fat hiding your striations and definition. It also improves glucose response, meaning your body stores less sugar as fat. Chromium Picolinate also reduces insulin resistance, and when combined with L-Carnitine, will help you lose those last few pounds, or the first.

If you pay attention to the supplement market, you know that Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals products are taking over. From Zenalean Pro to Red Volt to Get Ripped, Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals has proven that it is willing to make the investment of research and time to develop a superior product. Get Ripped is another exceptional product.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 cap
Servings Per Container : 120
Amount Per Serving % DV Sida Cordifolia Extract (plant) (standardized to 8% alkaloid) 350mg Guarana Extract (seed) (standardized to 200mg of caffeine) 400mg Proprietary Blend: l-carnitine, chromium picolinate 100mg
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silic Directions: Take 1 Get Ripped With Ephedra capsule daily.

Find out what Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals is the fastest growing supplement manufacturer. Try Get Ripped today!

Staff Notes: Get Ripped (aka Get Riped) with Ephedra by Accelerated Sport Nutraceuticals is an ephedra product, ephedra supplement, or ephedra diet pill made with Sida Cordifolia Extract.

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