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Ginkgo Mask by Doctor D. Schwab and CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10271 ·
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Product Details

You can bring the lavish spa atmosphere into your home with the revitalizing skin care product - Ginkgo Mask by Doctor D. Schwab and CA Botana. Gingko Balboa is well-known for effective free radical scavenging that strengthens tissue and allows your skin cells to maximize oxygen and glucose for energy. Combine Gingko with a soothing and healthy choice of unique vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, and the outcome is this refreshing, stress-relieving facial mask. Flaking, dry or mature skin will become soft, moist and rejuvenated after this luxurious treatment.

This anti-stress facial peel will:
•    Refresh your skin with a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Gingko Balboa
•    Restore skins natural balance of moisture
•    Energize skin cells
•    Decrease stress
•    Improve cell renewal
•    Rejuvenate skin as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent

The Gingko face mask is perfect for decreasing stress if you have an active schedule. Just indulge in this healthy skin care mask, allowing its natural oils and extracts to relieve the tension and dryness in your face. The Gingko ingredient is particularly helpful at exciting microactivity on your outer layer of skin. As a result, your face and mind will feel pleasantly stimulated, soothed and hydrated in just 20 to 30 minutes. Doctor D. Schwab is known for his natural and effective beauty products and skincare products. His Gingko Mask product by CA Botana has the soothing yet energizing ingredients needed to renew your skin.
Purchase this indulgent facial mask today to invigorate and replenish your facial skin today!

Staff Notes: Doctor D. Schwab Gingko Mask by CA Botana uses natural ingredients of Gingko Balboa, vitamins, minerals and phyto-complexes to hydrate facial skin. This anti-stress mask is and anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent and is the ideal skin care product for active people.

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