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Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shake by Glycemic

by Glycemic · #AN10405 ·
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Product Details

Experience an easy and active lifestyle without worrying about glycemic control with the use of our Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes (15 servings) (Vanilla). Our Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes come in different flavors and have a specially-made formula that meets the specific needs of diabetics or of persons who are dieting.

Our Instant Nutritional Shakes feature the following benefits:
• Has an amazing taste
• Easy to use and is good for you
• Great for breakfast or in between meals
• Meets the requirement for glucose control and weight management
• Instantly mixes with cold water
• Is sugar-free with all-natural sweeteners
• Is lactose and gluten-free
• Contains probiotics and digestive enzymes

Individuals diagnosed with the condition of Diabetes find it hard to control their blood sugar or glycemic index. If you are diagnosed with such a condition, you will know that even a slight elevation or depression of these levels can affect your health significantly. This leaves you with a strict lifestyle and dietary management to follow which can make you feel restricted and thus make you feel that you are not enjoying life. Individuals who are dieting may also feel this way.

When you use Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes (Vanilla), you can enjoy an easy and active lifestyle without having to worry about glycemic control. Our Instant Nutritional Shake is easy to make and can be taken for breakfast or even as snacks in-between meals. Our Instant Nutritional Shake makes use of a specialized formula that meets the requirement of glucose control and weight management. Diabetics can drink this shake without worrying about elevating their sugar levels and dieters can drink this shake without feeling guilty about the great taste. Our shake features a lactose and gluten-free formula, making it usable even for individuals with special needs and dietary restrictions. Lastly, the inclusion of probiotics and digestive enzymes in our Instant Nutritional Shakes makes elimination of waste much easier.

Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it is bad for you. Experience sweet and healthy goodness when you buy Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes now!

Staff Notes: Glycemic MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes is a nutritional shake specifically formulated for people control their glucose levels. The product is sugar, lactose and gluten-free.

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