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Gripper Neoprene Gloves (1 pair) by Flexsports

by FlexSports · #AN10176 ·
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Gripper Neoprene Gloves by Flexsports are weight lifting gloves for bodybuilding and weight lifting that are a must have accessory to any serious weight trainer’s weight lifting equipment. Gripper Neoprene Gloves are constructed of lightweight yet durable neoprene and will protect your hands while keeping them cool and providing you with a no-slip grip on the weight bar. Weight gloves not only protect your hands from calluses and blisters during your weight lifting routines, but they allow you to lift more weight and complete more reps because your hands and wrists are no longer fatigued from trying to maintain their grip on the bar. Once you remove hand fatigue from your weight lifting routines, you will be amazed at how much your lifting capacity increases.

•    Virtually indestructible neoprene gloves
•    Protect your hands and increase your weight lifting capacity
•    Available in sizes x-small to x-large

Gripper Neoprene gloves are made of durable, high quality neoprene. Neoprene gloves are better than leather lifting gloves because unlike leather, neoprene gloves won’t bunch up, tear, stretch out, or smell. Neoprene is tougher than leather for lifting weights. If you feel like you have hit a plateau in your bodybuilding workouts or weight lifting routines, perhaps the solution to your problem is as simple as purchasing a new pair of weight lifting gloves. Throw out those smelly leather weight gloves and try some neoprene gloves on for size! Buy Gripper Neoprene Gloves by Flexsports today.

Staff Notes: Gripper Neoprene Gloves by Flexsports are weight lifting gloves (also called lifting gloves or weight gloves) that are a necessary accessory for weight lifting equipment because they allow better grip and more reps during weight lifting routines and bodybuilding workouts. These neoprene gloves are better than leather for lifting weights.

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