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G.S. Ginkgosome - Day Time by Ca-Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10018 ·
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Product Details

G.S.Ginkgosome is perfect for those who feel that their skin is starting to look tired, old, and is losing its firmness. G.S.Ginkgosome is manufactured by Dr D. Schwab and is an excellent anti aging skin care product. This treatment will visibly and dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin. Your fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeably reduced.

Benefits of G.S.Ginkgosome:
•    Contains the active ingredient Ginkgo Biloba.
•    Utilizes contemporary technology incorporating liposomes.
•    Contains powerful anti oxidants.
•    Will visibly revitalize and regenerate your skin.
•    Dramatically improves the moisture retaining ability of your skin (resulting in a dewy, fresher complexion.)
•    Contains finest quality ingredients.
•    Will protect your skin against damaging oxidative stress and environmental toxins.
•    Will encourage the growth of new healthy skin cells.
•    Protects against anti aging.
•    Improves your skin's elasticity.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo biloba trees are from Asia and each tree can live for one thousand years. The benefits of ginkgo biloba in the fight against anti aging are well renowned. Ginkgo biloba contains powerful anti oxidant properties which will attack the free radicals that contribute to oxidative stress and the aging process. Ginkgo is a valuable ingredient in anti aging skin treatment, and is recognized as encouraging oxygen use of your skin tissues and additionally, increasing the blood flow to your skin.

The addition of ginkgo extract to your anti aging skin care product will ensure that your skin is firmer, more youthful and has that gorgeous dewy look of the younger complexion. Ginkgo biloba will stimulate, detoxify and revitalize your skin.

Liposomes: Liposomes are helpful in delivering the ingredients in your skin care to your skin's cells. Liposomes enable the ingredients in your anti aging skin care treatment to pass through the wall of your skin's cells. The ingredients are delivered and targeted specifically to the cells where they can be used most advantageously.

The inclusion of liposomes in this anti aging skin care treatment ensures that those powerful ingredients are in the correct place and performing optimally. The liposome based anti aging skin care product allows for the use of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into your skin and target the most appropriate cells for longer periods of time. Liposomes ensure that the patent pending ingredients of G.S Ginkgosome are specifically targeting your skin cells that need it most.

Application: This anti aging skin care product will work best if you apply immediately after cleansing and toning. 3-4 drops is all that is needed for dramatic improvements in the quality of your skin. Pat in lightly, and after a few seconds you can apply your moisturizer.

Turn Back the Hands of Time: G.S.Ginkgosome contains the finest blend of ingredients to ensure a dramatically visible improvement in your skin. Banish those fine lines and wrinkles. Improve the texture of your skin. Have firmer, younger looking skin almost immediately. You can recapture that gorgeous dewy complexion that you once had.

Protect your skin against further aging. Allow the powerful anti oxidants in this anti aging skin care product to eliminate the free radicals and fight the environmental toxins that your skin is exposed to every day.

Start looking younger now. A new you is available at the press of a button. Purchase G.S.Ginkgosome for dramatically younger looking skin today.


Grape Stem Cell Extract, Peptides, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Olive Extract: help protect against and reverse visible signs of aging and improve skin tone

L-Arginine, Octanoic Acid, Aspartic Acid, Adenosine Triphosphate: help protect against free radicals

Yeast Cell Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacin, Alpha Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-5, Royal Jelly: moisturize and help enhance firmness and smoothness

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Sharon L. from Jacksonville, says:
Date: 04/15/2010

This product from Dr. Schwab has made a major change in the texture, the look and the feel of my skin. I can even go without make-up now. It is truly amazing.

fion t. from Jeffersonville, says:
Date: 12/26/2009

It's improve the texture of my skin.