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Kyo-Green powder by Kyolic

by Kyolic / Wakunaga · #AN10568 ·
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Product Details

Enrich your body with healthy vitamins and minerals by using the effective dietary supplement, Kyo-Green by Kyolic. This healthy pill combines barley grass, wheat grass, Pacific kelp, brown rice and chlorella into a tasty, healthy formula. These ingredients make the ultimate health product that can be taken daily. Your body will be healthy and glowing with all of these rich nutrients. The barley and wheat are organically grown in the Nasu Highlands of Japan and are mixed with Bulgarian chlorella from natural mineral springs and kelp from the Northern Pacific. This pill is organic and suitable for vegetarians.

Benefits of this health product include:
•    Delicious source of vitamins
•    Organic ingredients
•    Vegetarian dietary pill
•    Includes Vitamin C and Beta-carotene for antioxidant power
•    Free of preservatives, sodium, milk, yeast, gluten and artificial colors and flavors
•    Helps keep body nourished and healthy

Just take a teaspoon or so of this supplement and mix it with the fruit or vegetable juice of choice to make a delicious Kyo-Green cocktail. Add some lemon and ice until you have it to taste! This product also contains licorice which is known for its anti-inflammatory potential and strong antioxidant powers to fight infectious diseases. This powerful blend of nutrients and vitamins is more effective than any single component of the supplement taken alone. You will be pleased with how easy it is to whip up a tasty juice drink every day in order to keep your body at ultimate health. Kyo-Green by Kyolic is a comprehensive health supplement that uses organic vitamins and nutrients to keep your body at maximum health.

Get on the path to a healthier lifestyle and purchase this effective supplement today!

Staff Notes: Kyo-Green by Kyolic contains all natural, organically grown ingredients including barley grass, wheat grass, Pacific kelp, brown rice, licorice, Vitamin C and Beta-carotene and chlorella.

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