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Doctor D. Schwab Lip Rescue Therapy by CA Botana

by Dr. Schwab · #AN10272 ·
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Maintain soft, hydrated lips by using Doctor D. Schwab Lip Rescue Therapy by CA Botana. Often lips become dry, flaky and damaged due to weather or other various causes. This beauty care product by Dr. Schwab, known as ‘the regenerator’, is carefully crafted using effective and natural ingredients. Chapped and dehydrated lips will transform into smooth, healthy lips after using this effective lip care formula. This natural lip balm seals the surface of the lips, protecting them from damage and healing at the same time. Keep your lips supple and healthily moist through the regeneration process activated by this lip cosmetic.

Key benefits of Lip Rescue Therapy are:
•    Rescues lips from dryness and damage with natural ingredients
•    Protects lips while enhancing natural moisture
•    Creates smooth surface for lipstick
•    Prevents cracked or chapped lips
•    Hydrates lips through the regeneration process

Lip Rescue Therapy is great to use underneath your regular lip color so that the lipstick glides easily on to smooth lips. This way the lip balm is working at revitalizing and protecting your lips under your makeup. When the weather turns cold, you have the power to prevent cracked lips by regularly applying this natural lip balm. Dry and chapped lips emerge silkily smooth after you apply this effective beauty product. Both healthy and soothing, Doctor D. Schwab Lip Rescue Therapy by CA Botana is an essential piece to anybody’s beauty supply collection.

Rescue your lips from dryness and damage by adding Dr. Schwab’s outstanding Lip salve to your beauty supplies today!

Staff Notes: Dr. D. Schwab Lip Rescue Therapy by CA Botana is a successful lip care product that uses natural ingredients to moisturize and heal lips. This lip balm is great for preventing and protecting chapped, dry or cracked lips during cold weather.

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Sharon L. from Jacksonville, says:
Date: 04/15/2010

My daughter first purchased this as a flight attendant her lips get really cracked from the dry air in the airplane. After trying the product, I loved it and found that it helped my lips better than any other lip product. It heals the chapped lips and protects. I even use it at night to hydrate my lips. I recommend this product!

Margaret P from Brooklyn, NY says:
Date: 03/26/2009

This lip moisturizer is great at protecting my lips in the dry and cold weather. It also has a nice slight fragrance and comfortable feeling, rather than being really heavy like other lip protectors. Thanks for carrying this product!

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Jenny H from Burbank, CA says:

Date: 03/02/2009

Dr Schwab Lip Rescue Therapy is amazing! It makes my lips feel totally refreshed. I'm addicted!