When you reach menopause, your body undergoes several hormonal changes that can be incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable. Symptoms such as hot flashes, personal dryness, moodiness and loss of libido can all make this time of your life downright unpleasant. Fortunately, America's Nutrition carries an array of homeopathic products that will effectively manage your menopausal symptoms without increasing your risk of cancer, unlike so many of the hormone replacement therapies prescribed by the medical community. For a safer, more pleasant transition through menopause, try products like Natural Estriol Cream, which is a safe topical estrogen cream that will reduce your hot flashes and decrease your cancer risk, or products like Natural Menopause, which is a dietary supplement that treats your uncomfortable symptoms from the inside. Sure you are going through menopause, but that doesn't mean you can't hang onto your youth. Banish the symptoms of aging with these menopausal treatments from America's Nutrition.