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Metabothin 90 caps by American Generic Laboratories

by AGL · #1000000045 ·
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Have you been searching high and low for just the right diet and exercise supplement that will give you energy, curb your appetite and burn that unwanted fat away? Stop looking now! Your search ends with Metabothin with ephedra. This naturally formulated ephedra dietary supplement contains some of the most potent ingredients on the market today.

American Generic Laboratories (AGL) has created an herbal formula combining Ephedra extract, Guarana seed, Ginger root, Damiana Leaf, Royal Jelly and Green Tea extracts among many others. This combination of natural extracts makes Metabothin a powerful herbal dietary supplement. Metabothin can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and vigorous exercise program to give you the body you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of Metabothin by AGL:
•    Ephedra Extract
•    All-natural ingredients
•    Green Tea, Royal Jelly, Guarana seed
•    Burns fat, boosts energy and curbs appetite
•    Contains essential vitamins and nutrients

The simple, daily serving of 3 capsules per day will give you the magnificent benefits of Metabothin. This supplement helps to increase the heat generated by the body that contributes to the natural fat burning process. The hotter your internal temperature, the more fat will be burned for energy. Also, you want to help boost your energy levels so you can continue your exercise program.

So if you are looking to put your body’s natural processes to work for you, Metabothin is the ephedra dietary supplement that you need. Taking Metabothin each day will give you the all-around benefits of fat burning, energy boosting and appetite suppressing, along with essential vitamins and nutrients. Don’t delay, get your Metabothin today!

Staff Notes: American Generic Laboratories’ Metabothin is a dietary supplement full of natural ingredients that will help burn fat, curb appetite and boost energy. Metabothin contains natural extracts like Ephedra Extract (not alkaloids), Green Tea, Royal Jelly and Guarana and essential vitamins and nutrients.





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Araceli P. from New York says:
Date: 05/14/2009

I think Metabothin is the best replacement for my old favorite product, Metabolife 356. I used to take Metabolife when it had tons of ephedra in it, and I really lost a lot of weight. Since Metabolife no longer has ephedra, Metabothin is definitely my new favorite product.