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Nasaline by Squip

by SQUIP · #AN10123 ·
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Clean up your sinuses and keep your vital airways clear with Nasaline from Squip! More convenient than traditional Neti pots, this Swedish nasal irrigation system works hard to promote proper airway maintenance and improve breathing.

Every purchase of the Nasaline system from Squip includes:
• Nasaline irrigating syringe
• Protective sleeve
• Starter saline solution packets

The inside of your nose and sinus cavity are some of the dirtiest places on the human body. Dirt and smog from everyday air gets trapped in these passages, evidenced by unsightly mucus that can become excessive. Nasal irrigation is a cleansing technique that has been used for thousands of years, as far back as ancient Indian and Sanskrit culture. By allowing a gentle stream of liquid through the nasal passages, the nose can be cleared of excess mucus and debris. This process supports sinus health, reduces allergy symptoms, improves breathing and can even help prevent the common cold. Nasaline from Squip puts the powerful benefits of an all-natural nasal irrigation experience into your hands.

The revolutionary Scandinavian technology behind Nasaline’s construction makes it the best in its field. The syringe design is easier to handle and less clumsy than traditional Indian Neti pots. The patented silicone tip fits snugly and comfortably into the user’s nostril, and creates a swirling flow of water into the nasal cavity, clearing out more debris. Nasal cleansing is further enhanced with the Nasaline saline solution, knocking out more dirt and germs than simple water. And its convenient size and design gives this product better portability than its peers.

Oxygen is essential for the human body, and nasal blockages prevent large amounts of oxygen from traveling into the lungs. Show your airways and nasal passages the respect they deserve. Get Squip’s Nasaline for your nasal and respiratory health today!

Staff Notes: Nasaline from Squip is a nasal irrigation syringe that cleans debris and dirt from the nasal cavity while moistening the mucus lining. Nasal irrigation has been used for thousands of years, and promotes improved breathing, fights allergy symptoms and supports sinus health.

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