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Natural Progesterone Cream by Libido Edge Labs

by Libido Edge · #1000000177 ·
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Don’t let the symptoms of menopause take over your life. With Natural Progesterone Cream by Libido Edge Labs, you can easily manage bothersome signs of menopause. It’s a rich moisturizing cream with a wide range of benefits.

•    Helps stabilize mood
•    Enhances libido
•    Promotes restful sleep
•    Protects against disease
•    Burns fat

Menopause is inevitable. Discomfort isn’t. Just because you’re experiencing the “change of life,” doesn’t mean your life has to change. Most symptoms are a result of a progesterone imbalance. You don’t have to live with hot flashes, mood swings or blood sugar imbalances. Other symptoms such as insomnia, sexual dysfunction and weight gain can also be alleviated when properly treated. When used as directed, progesterone can help bring your system back into balance.

Progesterone also helps provide a feeling of well-being, and in some cases, euphoria. It’s been called “the happy hormone” for this reason. When women experience menopause, they experience common symptoms such as depression, lack of sleep and unwelcome body changes. Natural progesterone can help fight these debilitating effects. It can help provide the support you need to not only manage this phase of your life, but to help you feel like yourself again.

Natural Progesterone Cream by Libido Edge Labs can give you the tools you need to manage the symptoms of menopause. This rich moisturizing cream can help protect against bone loss and breast cancer, improve sleep and balance your adrenal glands. With regular use, these symptoms will be a thing of the past. Buy Progesterone Cream today and get back to living.

Staff Notes: Natural Progesterone Cream by Libido Edge Labs is a natural hormone that helps fight the symptoms of menopause. It helps stabilize moods, promotes restful sleep, increases libido and decreases risk of disease such as osteoporosis and breast cancer.

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Martha P. from Las Cruces, New Mexico says:
Date: 08/13/2009

I have MS and had been using a compounded prescription of estriol and progesterone till the FDA no longer approved estriol. I found estriol online, so purchased the progesterone cream to use with it. I feel it's reasonably priced and would recommend it to others.