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Valeo Neon Jump Rope by Valeo

by Valeo · #AN11044 ·
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As any fitness enthusiast knows, a good aerobic workout is a very important part of any exercise program. You can lift all of the weights you want, but you have to make sure your heart (a muscle) is in its best shape. The Valeo Neon Jump Rope is you key to an intense and fun workout.

The Neon Jump Rope is an easy piece of fitness equipment for anyone to use. Young or old, male or female, using a jump rope to increase your cardio health is fun and you can get the workout of your life. Using the Neon Jump Rope will also help with coordination and if you get really good, you can do all sorts of tricks that you see boxers perform: crossovers, double jumps and more.

• Easy to use
• Great cardio workout
• Easy to transport
• Helps improve coordination

The neon color of the Jump Rope will be enticing for kids to use as well. You know that kids love bright colors right? So you can all exercise together as a family to stay fit. The Neon Jump Rope is available in three bright colors: Red, Blue and Green. There won’t be any arguments with the kids for their favorite color! This jump rope is lightweight and easy to fold up and store in a gym bag, drawer or even your pocket.

For a great cardio workout that will get you sweating and fit, the Valeo Neon Jump Rope is your best bet. It’s easy to use, constructed of durable nine feet long PVC rope that will give your hours, days, weeks and months of fun, heart pumping workouts that will help you get the complete body you’ve always wanted. Your heart will be in its best shape, so get the Neon Jump Rope today!

Staff Notes: The Valeo Neon Jump Rope is a great fitness tool to increase cardio health. The Neon Jump Rope is constructed of durable nine feet long PVC rope for long-lasting use.

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