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Schiek 1000 Padded Lifting Straps by Schiek

by Schiek · #AN10090 ·
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Finally moving up to lifting some really heavy weights? If you are you want to make sure you have the best supporting equipment possible so you’re not at risk for injuries. Schiek has designed some of the strongest, most durable padded lifting straps on the market today.

The Schiek 1000 Padded Lifting Straps will make those mega-lifts possible. The ¼” thick neoprene wrist supports will take away the worry of dropping that heavy bar and causing injury. Neoprene is a great material that provides strength and sweat-absorption to help you keep a firm grip on the bar.

• ¼” thick neoprene
• 12” long nylon/acrylic strap
• Vital for use with heavy weights
• Durable and easy to maintain

Along with the ¼” thick neoprene wrist support, the Schiek 1000 Padded Lifting Straps come with a 12” long nylon and acrylic strap that is strong enough to support some of the heaviest weights you can manage. Because the straps are sewn perpendicular to the wrist supports, you can feel confident that there won’t be any accidents.

The nylon and acrylic straps will fit around any size bar securely. This makes the Schiek 1000 Padded Lifting Straps a popular choice for anyone – man or woman – to take their weightlifting program to the next level. Don’t let that massive weight intimidate you any longer. Dive in and start pumping with Schiek’s 1000 Padded Lifting Straps!

Staff Notes: Schiek 1000 Padded Lifting Straps are constructed of the tough ¼” thick neoprene wrist straps and 12” long nylon and acrylic securing straps to give the user a durable and tough aid in lifting the heaviest weights.

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