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Water Pill by Natrol

by Natrol · #AN11187 ·
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Product Details

Water weight makes up a considerable amount of your body’s weight. Better manage that water weight with Water Pills from Natrol.

The Water Pill from Natrol is a powerful organic diuretic compound that:
•    Supports proper body fluid levels
•    Won’t deplete vitamins
•    Keeps your overall health in mind

Water is one of the most important compounds for life processes, and it’s a small wonder that the human body contains so much of it. Women’s bodies are about 55 percent water and men’s bodies contain almost 60 percent water. That means that more than half the human body’s weight is made up of water. Proper maintenance of those bodily water levels is necessary for better health, and the powerful diuretic effects of Natrol’s Water Pills will that maintenance easy.

Many water soluble vitamins can become depleted with excessive diuretic use, but the Water Pill is fortified with many of the vitamins and minerals that can be lost this way. This organic diuretic supplement contains a large dose of vitamin B-6, which is necessary for both healthy skin and neurological processes. It contains potassium, also aiding in neurological processes as well as basic cell health. Calcium is also somewhat water soluble, and diuretic use can lead to a deficiency with that important mineral as well. But this powerful diuretic pill from Natrol takes care to replenish those vitamins and minerals so you’re left to focus on your water weight.

Part of the gentle botanical blend of Natrol’s Water Pills is made up of juniper extract. This herbal extract has shown powerful health benefits, and has been used for centuries by different cultures for diabetes and acts as a disinfectant for the urinary tract.

Ease your body into a complete water weight management program. Buy Natrol Water Pills for your overall health today!

Staff Notes: Water Pills from Natrol are organic diuretics that manage water weight and replenish needed water soluble vitamins and minerals. This water weight loss supplement contains vitamin B-6, potassium, calcium and juniper extract.

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