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Body Fat Analyzer by VitaMinder

by Vitaminder · #AN11179 ·
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Product Details

Become aware of your body fat percentage so that you create the most accurate fitness goals by using the Body Fat Analyzer by VitaMinder. It is often hard to measure your level of fitness and health by simply using a scale. That will just let you know your overall weight, not differentiating between what part of that weight is muscle, bones, etc and what part is actual unwanted fat. That is why using this convenient body fat analyzer is an essential part of planning your fitness goals. At any time or place you can simply press some buttons, stand with your arms held out in front, and find out what percentage of that weight is fat.

Advantages of this fitness product are:
•    Easy to use
•    Accurately detects body fat percentage
•    Allows for more detailed and accurate fitness plan
•    Can use any time and any place

This useful fitness tool will give you needed insight into your workout plan. You won’t have to wonder whether your actual fat is being shed as you progress through your routine. Rather, you will accurately and easily monitor whether or not you’re burning fat to gain a healthier, leaner body. If you notice you aren’t burning enough fat, then you can take action and revise your gym routine accordingly. Body Fat Analyzer by VitaMinder is an essential fitness tool that will truly help you develop the most effective weight loss plan possible.

Purchase the Body Fat Analyzer today to start getting a better idea of how much fat you’re burning, and still need to burn!

Staff Notes: Body Fat Analyzer by VitaMinder is an effective, easy to use and accurate fitness tool that measures your body fat percentage. Using this weight loss product, you will gain the information needed to sculpt a strong fitness routine and burn unwanted fat.

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Candice M. from Eglin AFB, Florida says:
Date: 08/13/2009

If you weigh over 200 lbs, it won't work. It reads error. It is complete crap, I bought it because I wanted to be able to monitor my bmi while loosing weight, but it doesn't work for my weight of 220.