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Food Scale by VitaMinder

by Vitaminder · #AN11182 ·
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Product Details

Make your dietary goals easier to reach by using the accurate Food Scale by VitaMinder. This scale is perfect to keep in your kitchen so that you can conveniently measure your daily food intake. Doing this is a great way to manage portion size, keeping within your health and diet plan. One of the common ways people gain excess weight is because of the overly large serving sizes they eat. If you simply look at the large portions of food that many restaurants offer, those typically exceed the amount of food a person should eat in one sitting. So, it is highly recommended for the most effective weight control programs, to keep a close eye on the amount of food you eat for each meal.

Benefits of this food scale are:
•    Accurately weighs food
•    Assists keeping healthy portion sizes
•    Stylish design
•    Includes Food Tray
•    Easy to use zero adjustment knob for accurate measurements
•    Convenient ½ ounce increments as well as 10-gram increments to 500 grams

When you have this useful dietary tool in your kitchen, it’s not much trouble to simply weigh out your serving sizes, especially with the convenient food tray included. To ensure precise measurement, this scale has a zero adjustment knob found on the back of the tool. You will be able to measure food exactly using the ½ ounce increments. This diet scale is truly a wonderful aid for anybody’s weight loss or weight control goals. The Food Scale by VitaMinder is a highly precise and top quality fitness tool that will measure your food portions and help you lose or keep the weight desired.

To begin your comprehensive and effective dieting soon, purchase this useful diet scale today!

Staff Notes: The Food Scale by VitaMinder is an accurate fitness and diet device that measures your food portions and servings to help you reach your dietary and weight loss goals.

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