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Calorie Pedometer by VitaMinder

by Vitaminder · #AN11181 ·
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Product Details

Maximize your walking, running or hiking workouts by measuring  the calories burned and distance covered with Calorie Pedometer by VitaMinder. This is a precise and user-friendly fitness device that tracks steps, calories burned and distance traveled during your workout. You can even just measure how far you go and how much you burn during a regular day, without a workout.

Gaining this knowledge will give you a more comprehensive view of your total weight loss goals. If you know how many calories you burn, you can adjust your diet and calorie intake accordingly. Also, if you know exactly how much you’ve already burned, you will feel extra motivation to burn those last few calories in your gym routine each day to reach your goals.

This exceptional fitness tool provides the following benefits:
•    Accurately measures calorie burning
•    Precisely tracks every step
•    Conveniently attached to waistband or belt
•    Easy to use

When you get ready to go for your workout walk or jog, simply clip on the pedometer to your waistband and head out. It will be a satisfying experience to watch the number of calories you burn and distance taken. This will in turn stimulate you to go even further, or at least to keep a regular routine throughout the week. The Calorie Pedometer by VitaMinder is a top quality fitness tool that will measure exactly the calories you burn, steps taken and distance covered and will inspire you to reach your weight loss goals.

Purchase the Calorie Pedometer by Vitaminder now so that you can start on the path to your ultimate fitness!

Staff Notes: The Calorie Pedometer by VitaMinder is an accurate workout and fitness tool that measures the amount of calories burned, amount of steps and the distance gone while you walk, run, jog or hike.

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