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Diuretic I 90 ct. by Thompson Nutritionals

by Thompson · #AN11189 ·
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Product Details

Excess water in your body’s system can cause a bloated look or even make you weigh more than you actually do. Diuretic I by Thompson Nutritional is an organic diuretic formula that can rid your body of excess water weight in a healthy, all-natural way.

Diuretic I by Thompson Nutritional is a powerful diuretic that:
•    Acts fast
•    Is all-natural
•    Promotes healthy water levels

Human body mass is over sixty percent water, and too much water in your system can actually be bad for you. Overhydration can cause an electrolyte imbalance, which in turn causes a host of medical problems such as muscle spasms, weakness, bone disorders, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and can even put you at risk for coma. Too much water intake can also overload the kidneys and cause kidney damage.

Diuretic I is made from a number of organic materials. Buchu extract is a diuretic substance that helps to flush uric acid as well as excess salts, water and fat. Buchu extract also helps remove excess gasses from the stomach and intestines, helping to reduce bloating. This supplement also contains juniper, parsley and uva ursi extracts which have diuretic properties and help prevent kidney ailments. This powerful formula will allow your body to rid itself of all the excess water weight it doesn’t need, without containing the stimulants and caffeine that other popular diuretics do.

Excessive diuretic use can lead to potassium deficiencies, which can lead to fatigue, hypertension, constipation and even depression. But Diuretic I by Thompson Nutritional is fortified with potassium and with your overall health in mind.

Don’t settle for just any substance that can get rid of water weight in unhealthy ways. Go for the pill that flushes your system without draining you of the nutrients you need. Try Diuretic I by Thompson Nutritional today!

Staff Notes: Diuretic I by Thompson Nutritional flushes water weight from the body while maintaining proper potassium levels. This health product can prevent overhydration, kidney problems and promote water weight loss.

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