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6 Hour Power (12 pk, 2 fl oz) by NVE

by NVE · #AN13663 ·
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Product Details

Get the fast acting energy enhancing effects of the Stacker 2 6 Hour Power energy shot! This tasty power shot comes in five different flavors.

The 6 Hour Power energy drink formula from Stacker 2 is designed to:
•    Increase energy
•    Improve mental clarity
•    Work fast
•    Last long

The short burst, sustained effects of 6 Hour Power make it perfect for today’s working individual. The workday is a long time, and a big lunch or monotonous day can cause a sense of lethargy and laziness. Don’t get caught napping on the job, get this delicious Stacker 2 energy shot formula!

Coffee and soda are two very popular energy boosters, but can be harsh on the body. Excessive use of either diuretic substance can cause the body to dehydrate. Caffeine and sugar improve short term energy, but can overload the body, causing jitters and an even bigger slowdown later. Especially in today’s society, you should be worried about your sugar intake; take some out of your daily diet with the sugar-free formula of 6 Hour Power from Stacker 2.

Find the choice that fits your diet! This energy shot supplement comes in five different flavors: very berry, lemon lime, orange, grape and punch. Many power shots and drinks have a bitter taste or too much caffeine and sugar. But the delicious and refreshing effects of this sugar-free energy shot supplement can bring quick relief to even the strongest drowsiness. 6 Hour Power from Stacker 2 is the natural way to boost your body’s energy and keep you energized for hours.

A quick, health conscious energy drink supplement can benefit most people in today’s workforce. Treat your mind and tastebuds to the powerful natural formula of 6 Hour Power from Stack 2 and make yourself more productive today!

Staff Notes: Stacker 2 6 Hour Power is an energy shot supplement that works fast to deliver increased energy, mental clarity, focus and attention. This herbal energy drink comes in six sugar-free flavors and provides boosted energy for half your day.

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