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Magnetic Gloves by Healthy Origins

by Healthy Origins · #AN10284 ·
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Product Details

Good workout gloves are a must for any athlete, but get the pair that can improve your health while wearing them. Magnetic Gloves unlocks the health benefits of magnets while you exercise.

Every pair of Magnetic Gloves:
•    Provide superior grip
•    Promote overall health
•    Ease discomfort
•    Increase energy

Strange as it may sound, magnets and magnetic fields can actually improve your overall health. Magnetic fields are everywhere, and can be created by a number of household items: television, motors, computers, etc. Even the chemical reactions inside the human body create magnetic fields of their own. Particles inside of the bloodstream are attracted and repelled by these magnetic fields, promoting proper blood flow and movement of heat.

Magnets can also promote pain relief. A 1997 Baylor College of Medicine study found that the use of magnets around painful areas of the human body actually diminished those painful feelings. More importantly, those who were applied with placebos reported very little or no improvement. Don’t fake your pain relief, get the real solution with Magnetic Gloves.

Magnetic Gloves unlock health benefits that have been known to human beings for thousands of years. Evidence exists of magnetic bloodstone from Africa being ground up for food, potions and topical ointments over 100,000 years ago. Other cultures have heeded this sound advice over the centuries, including the Ancient Greeks, Hebrews, Arabs, Egyptians and Chinese. Magnetic Gloves brings the health wisdom of the ages to your workout.

Of course, these gloves would be worthless if they inhibited exercise. But the spandex construction of these gloves promotes flexibility. Conforming to your hand, these sports gloves also help promote grip of free weights or any exercise machine.

Let your workout work for you and unlock the health benefits behind the ultimate in sports gloves. Buy Magnetic Gloves today!

Staff Notes: Magnetic Gloves promote overall health and eases hand strain during workouts. Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years, and promotes proper circulation and pain relief.

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