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Traumeel Ointment 100 mg by Heel Inc.

by Heel, Inc. · #AN10525 ·
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Product Details

Traumeel Ointment is regarded as a homeopathic topical drug that targets to ease your muscle and joint pains. If you are experiencing uneasiness in your body, Traumeel Ointment can help relieve your discomfort by giving you an analgesic effect once you apply it to any affected area.

Traumeel Ointment can be used to treat the following symptoms that involve your joints and muscles such as:
•    minor muscle and joint uneasiness
•    sports injuries
•    sprains
•    muscle aches
•    backaches
•    bruises
•    slight arthritis pain

Do you ever wonder if there is a reliable drug that has no side effects? You can use Traumeel Ointment as an alternative healthcare at home. It is used popularly by millions of people worldwide because of its natural formula that can work with various conventional medications. You can be sure that Traumeel Ointment will not develop adverse effects if you are going to use it for a long time.

Traumeel Ointment is composed of organic ingredients that have intense healing properties that are absorbed through the skin. These ingredients are: Calendula - a fast acting for wounds, small skin lacerations and minor burns. Chamomilia - an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and inflammation. Echinacea - also an anti-inflammatory that acts to stimulate the body’s defense. Other ingredients include: hamamelis, hypericum, millefolium and symphytum, belladonna, arnica montana, aconitum napellus and many others. Its inactive components are paraffin, purified water, ethanol, white petrolatum,and cetylstearyl alcohol.

You can also recommend this product to all age groups because even infants can be treated with Traumeel Ointment. You just apply the ointment gently, rubbing it into the infant’s skin. It has a natural, soothing formula safe enough for anyone's use. So, if it is safe for babies, then it is safe for you. Traumeel Ointment has been backed by many physicians and health professionals.

Say goodbye to those pains and aches! Get relief in no time with Traumeel Ointment!

Staff Notes: Traumeel Ointment is for external use only. It is also available in gel or tablet form. It is a homeopathic ointment used to relieve pain.

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