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Serrapain by Trimedica

by Trimedica · #AN10052 ·
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Relieve the pain of joint inflammation and increase your mobility with the powerful organic formula of SerraPain from TriMedica. This strong pain relief supplement is derived from homeopathic medicinal traditions from Japan and Europe.

TriMedica’s SerraPain formula has many great health benefits, including:
• Better joint mobility
• Joint and arthritic pain relief
• Improved circulation and oxygenation
• Faster relief

The main ingredient in TriMedica’s SerraPain supplement is serratiopeptidase, an enzyme known for its natural ability to break down tough fibers and proteins. This enzyme is native to the silkworm of northern China. Like most larvae insects, the silkworm builds a cocoon during its final maturation stage, the cocoon which is famous for its use in clothing. When it’s finished maturing the silkworm secretes serratiopeptidase, a proteolytic enzyme which is capable of breaking down the silk cocoon. Silk is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, and this natural substance is capable of tearing it to shreds.

Having been used in medicine in both Japan and European cultures, TriMedica brings you this powerful serratiopeptidase supplement so you can harvest the benefits yourself. In the human body, this enzyme has shown a powerful ability to break down harmful protein debris. These proteins can cause harmful inflammation and painful swelling of the joints. This enzyme also prevents the release of bradykin, a protein in the body that causes pain in injured tissue. Causing a reduction in the thickness of fluids created by tissue damage, SerraPain by TriMedica is capable of improving circulation and oxygenation of those areas, easing pain and allowing the body to repair itself faster.

Joint pain and inflammation affects a wide range of people, from the elderly to athletes. Don’t simply accept it as a fact of life. Give your body the natural ability to fight back with SerraPain from TriMedica now!

Staff Notes: SerraPain from TriMedica is a joint inflammation and pain relief supplement designed to break down harmful proteins and promote circulation and faster repair of damaged tissue. This dietary supplement is derived from serratiopeptidase, a proteolytic enzyme native to silkworms, which can break through tough natural fibers.

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