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Neuro-Logic by Kyolic / Wakunaga

by Kyolic / Wakunaga · #AN11755 ·
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In today’s fast-paced work or school environment it’s important to be at the top of you mental game. Kyolic has developed an excellent product to help maintain proper brain function and improve your memory. Neuro-Logic is a supplement that contains key ingredients that improve your brain’s ability to perform at its highest.

•    Improve brain function
•    Promote brain cell health
•    Essential vitamins and minerals
•    Includes Aged Garlic Extracts antioxidants

Neuro-Logic provides an advanced formula to help your brain work properly so you can meet the ever-increasing challenges of your day. This formula, loaded with phosphatidylserine (a building block for neurons), makes Neuro-Logic the one supplement you can count on to help improve memory and strengthen brain cells. Neuro-Logic also includes natural herbal extracts for overall health.

If you want to improve your brain’s health and function, simply take 2 Neuro-Logic capsules twice per day with water. It’s that easy! You’ll notice an improved level of focus and mental acuity that will have you performing at your peak. Neuro-Logic’s vitamins and minerals like B12 and folic acid are important ingredients that your brain needs to perform properly.

What more could ask for from a supplement? You get antioxidant protection to fight harmful toxins and free radicals, you get essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and you get top-quality neuron enhancing ingredients to keep your brain functioning well. Neuro-Logic is going to have you “clicking on all cylinders”; sharp, focused and ready for any challenge! Get your bottle of Neuro-Logic today!

Staff Notes: Kyolic’s Neuro-Logic is a brain function supplement that helps improve mental acuity and memory. Neuro-Logic contains essential vitamins and minerals like B12 and folic acid, along with Aged Garlic Extract antioxidants.

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