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Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum by Action Labs

by Action Labs · #AN10564 ·
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Product Details

Prostate enlargement is one of the most common ailments afflicting older men. Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum by Action Labs promotes health for those experiencing prostate problems.

The Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum supplement can promote:
•    Healthy prostates
•    Healthy urinary tracts
•    Proper urine flow
•    High levels of fiber, protein and zinc

Saw palmetto extract is an herbal supplement derived from the berries of the saw palmetto plant. The extract is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, which have been successfully used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. This fact is supported by a 1998 study released by The Journal of the American Medical Association which concluded that saw palmetto extract can improve urinary flow with fewer adverse effects than similar medications and supplements. This compound from Action Labs includes pygeum. Pygeum is another phytosterol aiding the fight against prostate enlargement, which in turn promotes a healthy urine flow.

Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum also includes a number of vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Each two capsule dose of the organic compound includes two-thirds of your necessary daily intake of zinc, which aids the immune and reproductive systems, boosts liver function and promotes faster wound healing. Each dose also contains 100 mg of cucurbita, a nutrient-rich extract of pumpkin seeds that includes high levels of protein, fiber, iron, copper and magnesium, along with a number of other essential amino acids and vitamins. There’s even a small amount of glycine in the compound, which current research shows might have positive effects in cancer patients.
Saw palmetto extract is a fantastic herbal supplement that can help promote the healthy function of prostate for all ages of men. But don’t just buy any old herbal supplement when this Action Labs product contains a number of other nutrients. Buy Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum today!

Staff Notes: Super Saw Palmetto Plus Pygeum contains amino acids and phytosterols promoting prostate and urinary tract health. This all natural herbal supplement contains other vitamins and amino acids promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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