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Resistance Tubes by Valeo

by Valeo · #AN11052 ·
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Tone your muscles and have a firm, healthy body and improved flexibility through strength training. Valeo Resistance Tubes are an inexpensive and portable way to get a full body strength training workout in the comfort of your own home.

•    Sculpts your muscles, firms your body and improves posture
•    Four foot tubes feature cushioned handles for comfort and grip
•    Includes exercise chart with illustrated resistance tube workouts
•    Made of natural, durable rubber for smooth and consistent stretches
•    Lightweight and easy to transport

Resistance exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and resistance tubing is used in health clubs across the globe to promote improved fitness through resistance training. Since finding time to go to the gym or health club is not always possible with your busy lifestyle, Valeo Resistance Tubes allow you to get all the benefits of resistance training in a portable exercise band you can use at home. Follow the included resistance exercise chart or create your own resistance tube exercises.

Incorporating resistance training into your workout regimen is an important step towards building a stronger, fitter body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will notice increased flexibility, lessened muscle tension and pain, and improved posture. Resistance bands are an easy way to ensure that you always have access to strength training equipment. Now you can rid your basement or closet of cumbersome free weights and replace them with easy to store and easy to transport resistance bands. A stronger body can be yours. Start on the path to a healthier you. Buy Valeo Resistance Tubes today.

Staff Notes: Valeo Resistance Tubes are resistance tubing or resistance bands for resistance exercise and resistance training. The resistance tube or exercise band is an easy way to incorporate strength training into your workout.

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