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Valeo Padded Lifting Straps by Valeo

by Valeo · #AN10158 ·
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Product Details

You may already have a great weight lifting regimine but need comfortable gear to further your body building routine. You need Valeo Padded Lifting Straps.

Made with 100% heavy duty cotton
Padded for comfort with extra durable neoprene
Machine washable
Extra length and width for improved gripping

Using weight lifting straps are an essential part of a focused workout by allowing you to target muscles during your lifting session, particularly the muscles in the back. Instead of facing forearm and grip fatigue too soon into your reps, these padded straps allow you to completely target your back muscles. All of your deadlifts, barbell rows, cable rows and shrugs can now be completely focused on building strong back muscles by letting you lift more weight and maximizing muscle gain. No longer will you destroy the time and effort you are putting in the weight room. Instead, you will have the defined, toned and sexy back you are working so hard to achieve.

Valeo Padded Lifting Straps are made from 100% heavy duty cotton and padded with ultra-durable neoprene. They also feature extra length and width than most other weight lifting straps for a tighter, more comfortable grip. You also get the convenience of a product that can be thrown into your regular laundry These straps will give you the ultimate in superior design and comfort and will take your workout to the next level. Plus, they are made from Valeo, a leader in fitness equipment since 1988, so you are ensured a product with uncompromised quality and value. Don’t hesitate – try Valeo Padded Lifting Straps today!

Staff notes: Valeo Padded Lifting Straps help weight lifters and bodybuilders achieve their workout goals by targeting back muscles. They are neoprene padded and offer extra length and width for supreme grip comfort.

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