Pain Relief

Several factors contribute to muscle soreness and joint pain. Stress, aging, physical activity and injuries can all play a role. While taking over-the-counter pain killers may help soothe your symptoms, they can be harsh on your stomach. Homeopathic products from America's Nutrition will get to the root cause of your muscle and joint pain, and soothe your pain gently and effectively without side effects. If you are feeling the effects of aging on your joints, also known as osteoarthritis, a soothing rub like Joint Balm by Sci Fit will penetrate below your skin to ease inflammation and relieve pain. To stop muscle soreness before it starts, spray Blow On pain reliever before beginning a workout. Its herbal formula will stop inflammation in its tracks, so you can workout longer without the associated muscle tears and soreness. For faster recovery and natural pain relief, shop the herbal remedies on the shelves at America's Nutrition.