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Phenterdrene P57 by Pharma Resources

by Pharma Resources · #AN11133 ·
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Product Details


Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you still fighting the battle of the bulge after all? If you are, don’t just keep fighting it with normal diet and exercise; bring the best weapon you can to the fight: Pharma Resources’ Phenterdrene P57 fat burner and energy booster. This powerful energy boosting fat burner can get you slim and trim in no time!

Phenterdrene P57 kicks your metabolism into overdrive with its potent thermogenic formula. The caffeine and Synethine HCL stimulate your body’s ability to work harder to achieve the goals you want. Your higher energy level pushes you to start (and finish) that kick butt workout that will form your body into a lean, mean fighting machine!

•    Natural mood enhancing ingredient (Theobromin)
•    Speeds up metabolism and burns fat
•    Great appetite suppressant

Just take 1 pill in the morning before breakfast and 1 after lunch. Phenterdrene P57 is so strong it’s recommended that you don’t take more than 2 pills a day. You’ll see that Phenterdrene P57, taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program, will give you the fat burning results you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t keep fighting the fat; eliminate it with the only thermogenic, energy-boosting fat burner filled with the power to destroy the bulge. Pharma Resources’ Phenterdrene P57 is the only fat burner you’ll need. Get a 30 pill bottle of Phenterdrene P57 today!

Staff Notes: Pharma Resources’ Phenterdrene P57 is a thermogenic fat burner and energy booster that will help anyone on a regular exercise program achieve the fitness goals they are looking for. Phenterdrene P57 also helps curb appetite and enhances mood.

Warning: Do not use this product with other caffeine products. May cause irritability, sleeplessness, nervousness and occasional rapid heart beat. Do not use if you are taking MAO Inhibitors. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women or those with serious medical problems. Consult physician.

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