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Pollen Aid by Graminex

by Graminex · #AN10234 ·
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Product Details

Pollen Aid is a flower pollen extract that has been doctor recommended to help prevent prostate cancer among other health benefits. Pollen Aid now comes in a double strength concentrated formula designed to accentuate the benefits of flower pollen extract.

6 ways Pollen Aid might save your life:
•  Prevents prostrate problems (including cancer)
•  Defends against excessive urination at night (nocturia)
•  Increases Immunity
•  Prevents damage due to galactsamine poisoning
•  Stops viral infections, especially respiratory ailments
•  Helps the body withstand stress

Pollen Aid will help supply the nutrients for the body so that it will be invigorated. It also interferes with body chemistry so that energy is easily released after food intake. Studies show that older people could benefit from taking Pollen Aid to combat the symptoms that accompany aging. As the body advances in age, it becomes more difficult to absorb nutrients because the bodily cells are going through the normal wearing and tearing. Pollen Aid specifically helps the body to utilize valuable substances from food more efficiently.

Another remarkable effect of Pollen Aid is that it helps your prostate function at its peak. It is considered to be a natural supplement that has therapeutic value as some medical practitioners and pharmacists uphold the healing qualities of Pollen Aid and recommend that it be used as a daily supplement. Pollen Aid also has good anti-bacterial effect on your body since it can help activate your body’s immune system and kill bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. It prevents infections in your respiratory system like influenza and the common cold.

Pollen Aid enables your body to have an improved adaptation. You will experience an enhanced physical and mental facility. Suggested amount of tablets for intake is about 6 tablets daily, divided to 2 tablets for every meal. You can follow it with water (8 oz.).

For optimum protection, buy Pollen Aid today to support your daily needs!

Staff Notes: Pollen Aid has 100% pure and standardized extract from Cernitin Pollen developed to support immunity and increase energy.

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James M. from Gilroy, California says:
Date: 08/20/2009

I take the product three times per day and it provides me with an energy boost. This product was recommended by a doctor to as a prostrate aid. I have found that it provides all the benefits stated.

Colleen M. from Columbus says:
Date: 05/14/2009

I bought this product for my hay fever since I am allergic to products with bee pollen. I have been taking it for a few months now, and I haven't had any allergy problems, outdoor or indoor. This is definitely a great product!