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Power Belt by Flexsports

by FlexSports · #AN10091 ·
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Power Belt by Flexsports is available in sizes S to XXL in one or two-pronged styles. Power belts are weight lifting belts that have long been used for weight training and bodybuilding workouts. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge at the gym, and increase your weight lifting, try the Flexsports Power Belt. Power belts are designed to support your lower back, so you don’t injure yourself during heavy workouts. Not only do power belts make your weight lifting routines safer, but they increase pressure on your abdomen, which allows you to lift even heavier weights. If you are looking for weight lifting equipment that will help you strength train confidently at the gym, look for a light and somewhat flexible one or two-pronged belt such as the Flexsports Power Belt.

•    Supports your lower back during weight lifting exercises
•    One or two-pronged styles
•    Sizes small to XX-Large

Power belts have become so popular at the gym and have been so touted for their supportive safety, that they have found their way into the public and private industry sectors. It is no longer uncommon to see warehouse workers, construction workers, professional movers, and firefighters wearing power belts. A power belt fits around your waist, right above your hips. It should be comfortable and virtually unnoticeable until you engage in heavy weight lifting routines. Then it will cause some discomfort as it puts pressure on your hips. This is normal, as it is taking the pressure off of your back. If you are looking to increase the weight in your bodybuilding routines, and sculpt a better body through lifting weights, a power belt is a necessary addition to your weight lifting equipment. See what a difference a weight lifting belt can make in your routines. Buy the Flexsports Power Belt today.

Staff Notes: Power Belt by Flexsports is a weight lifting belt, also called power belts, that supports your back during weight lifting routines, weight lifting exercises, weight training, and bodybuilding workouts. It is a necessary addition to your weight lifting equipment for lifting weights.

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