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The Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN12817b ·
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The Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation is the ultimate non-slip sticky mat. These yoga mats are especially good for restorative yoga poses, as they are a full ¼” thick. This thick cotton and PVC yoga mat is durable and provides extra cushioning for your knees, ankles, and joints.

Benefits of the Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation:
•    Non-slip sticky mat is 68” x 24” x ¼”
•    Made with durable cotton and PVC for a natural, cushiony feel
•    Textured surface provides better grip during yoga poses
•    Sealed edges and rounded corners keep mat flat during exercise
•    Anti-bacterial properties
•    Rolls up for easy transport to yoga classes

Yoga mats are necessary yoga accessories for any professional or beginning yoga practitioner. Zenzation’s professional-grade yoga equipment will get you on track to a healthier, more physically fit lifestyle. Yoga practice has exploded in popularity as more people become familiar with the therapeutic power of yoga poses and meditation. Not only does yoga practice increase your flexibility through gentle stretches, but it increases the blood flow to all the cells in your body, flushing toxins from your system and resulting in firmer, toned muscles. 

Whether you are a beginning yoga practitioner, or an advanced yogi who can conquer the most difficult yoga poses, the Zenzation Premium Yoga Mat will keep your body securely grounded as you reach spiritual heights through this healing art. Yoga forces you to concentrate solely on your body and quiet the reeling thoughts in your mind. This induces a focused meditation that banishes stress and worry, leaving you relaxed, alert, and physically and mentally strong.

Buy your Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation and start your spiritual journey into yoga practice today!

Staff Notes: The Premium Yoga Mat by Zenzation is a sticky mat that can be easily transported to yoga classes. Yoga mats are necessary yoga accessories and yoga equipment for practicing yoga poses and meditation.

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