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Pur Earth Eco Mat by Zenzation

by Zenzation · #AN14154a ·
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Yoga isn’t just an exercise discipline, it’s a philosophy that teaches respect for all living things. Practice what you preach with the environmentally-friendly design of Zenzation PurEarth Eco Mats!

The PurEarth Eco Mat available from Zenzation:
•    Contains no PVC, latex or chloride
•    Is 100% biodegradable
•    Utilizes a natural moisture resistant
•    Provides ultimate grip and traction
•    Includes carry cord and yoga instructional poster

Yoga has been used for centuries as a calming, meditative alternative to aerobic or strength training exercise. But like other exercise routines, yoga has a goal: harmony and balance with the living world around you. In today’s fast paced society with long workdays, every American could benefit from the simple act of taking a deep breath and relaxing. Yoga mats provide a perfect accessory to this style of exercise. Give yourself a clean, defined space for your workout at home, at the gym, even in the office. When harmony and balance are at stake, no equipment gives you the quality or respect for life that Zenzation PurEarth Eco Mats do!

In our consumerist society, we purchase items containing environmentally hazardous plastics and paper every day. Most of these materials will still stay on earth, hardly having eroded, long after we’re gone. But this Zenzation yoga mat allows you to keep a greater harmony with Mother Nature. Each of these eco-friendly mats are completely biodegradable and don’t carry any environmentally harmful compounds like PVC, chloride or latex. But the non-slip, moisture resistant surface and comfort of the PurEarth Eco Mats prove quality hasn’t been slighted. Each purchase includes a carrying cord and instructional poster for home exercise use!

Feel more at peace with the world around you. Do right both by yourself and Mother Nature. Give yourself the comfort of Zenzation PurEarth Eco Mats!

Staff Notes: The Zenzation PurEarth Eco Mat is an environmentally-friendly yoga mat that is 100% biodegradable and contains no PVC, latex or chloride. These exercise mats feature a non-slip surface, an antibacterial moisture-resistant covering and come with a carrying cord and yoga instructional poster.

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